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Our Story

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It is the story of every household in India, where your mother has a cure for everything. Soul n Root is the Soul of these household treatments that can cure Root causes of your ailments. We have learnt so much from these household treatments over the years and now by Soul n Root, we wish to share it with you.

Flower Arrangement 5

Our Philosophy

We always hear "old is gold" and that people in the golden era lived a healthier and longer life. Vedas, Granths and even stories of our ancestors teach us about the secrets to a healthy life. Over the years, these stories and secrets have been very useful in curing the root causes of diseases. We aim to introduce you to these ayurvedic secrets and herbal methods .

"Being brought up in a middle-class family of farmers, my mother always taught me how to cure myself using natural ingredients. Now I am a mother to two beautiful children and a wife to a great husband. it has always been my endeavour to treat my family by use of herbal methods. But with the world evolving, I knew I had to 'upgrade' myself. So, I started learning about new ayurvedic treatments. I read different books and spoke to many mothers to share and understand their stories. I then collected all the information and shared my experience with others. It became my passion so much so that I started sharing my experience with others on a day to day basis. This has helped many and treated even more.


As the next step of helping people learn more about ayurvedic treatment, I have decided to share my experience with the future generation. That said, the best way to connect with this generation is via internet. So here I am, sharing all my love and care through this platform."


Sangeeta Agrawal

Co- Founder

And  a little About Us

Flower Arrangement 5

Vibha Agrawal

"Over recent years, I have seen my mother struggle in following her passion. She not only has grown as a person but has also increased her horizon of experience and knowledge. I have seen her help people suffering from chronic ailments and teaching them a better lifestyle. It has been magical to see her perseverance of helping people.


It is time that we, the future generation should step in and learn these secrets shared by our folks. So here I am stepping in to do my part of helping my mother in teaching others via this platform.


I hope and believe that our initiative will soon help people to heal better and live healthier."


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