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Make your own Natural Amla Hair Oil

Updated: Aug 24, 2021


  1. Green Amla;

  2. A piece of cloth is used to filter;

  3. 500 ml Sesame Oil/ Refined Coconut oil;

  4. Aluminium Kadhai; and

  5. Filter bag.


  1. Crush Amla into small pieces and use a clean piece of cloth to squeeze and extract 500 ml (approx.) amla juice;

  2. Now mix the extracted amla juice with 500 ml of Sesame Oil/ Refined Coconut oil;

  3. Put this mixture in an Aluminium Kadhai and heat it using a stove;

  4. Heat it until the mixture stops making the sound and only oil is left in the Kadhai;

  5. After this, let it cool down at room temperature and when it is cold, use a filter bag to filter the oil and put it in a bottle; and

  6. It is now ready to use.

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