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Raw, Organic & healthy, Ajwain honey is sourced from the nectar collected by honey bees from Ajwain Flower. 

Ajwain Honey

  • Source

    Ajwain Flower

  • How is it produced

    Honey Bees travel around the Northern belt of India and collect nector from Ajwain (or Bishop’s weed) flowers to produce Ajwain Honey. The raw Ajwain honey that is produced is then collected from the bee hives without appliying any heat as appliying heat makes honey runnier and kills off the good enzymes   

    We would like to provide you the best product which is completely organic and safe to consume, thus we would like you to note that there is no use of pesticides in the surrounding areas where the Ajwain Honey is produced so please be assured that this honey has come from the highest quality of organic nectar of the Ajwain flower.  

  • Key Features

    • Raw Honey
    • Cold Extracted
    • It has all benefits of Ajwain 
    • We do not add artifical flavour or colour or any other substance in the honey 
    • Natural and healthier sweetener 
    • Contains High Amount of Omega 6 Fatty Acids
  • Benefits

    • Ajwain Honey is good for children as it gives relief from colic, gastric troubles, and stomach aches. Feeding them one or a half spoon of Ajwain Honey depends on age will result in instant relief.


    • Ajwain Honey’s antibacterial property helps provide relief from cold, cough and sore throat. Take one spoon of this Ajwain honey during the throat infection, it will provide immediate relief.


    • Ajwain Honey will help in weight loss too. Having one spoon of Ajwain honey with warm water in the early morning will give you a good result.


    • Ajwain honey provides instant energy and strengthens immunity.


    • Antibacterial property Ajwain Honey will works wonders for wounds and burns when applied externally. And It helps stop bleeding as well.
  • Interesting Fact

    Once extracted, honey is not filtered using extra thick mesh wire. No industrial process is used for honey filtration.We use a special very old fashioned bottler to place the thick, candying honey into sterilised glass jars. This way, the honey stays as natural as we can get it. 

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