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Treat back pain by a herbal Milk Shake

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

In 2020, we all learnt the way of working from home. Many people working from home are suffering from back pain due to multiple reasons. Just follow this simple ayurvedic remedy, and you definitely will get instant relief from back pain.


  1. 60 gm Wheat Grain

  2. 30 gm Poppy seeds

  3. 30 gm Coriander

  4. 250ml of water

  5. 250ml milk


  1. Soak 60 gm of wheat grain in a bowl of water overnight.

  2. Next morning mix 30 gm of Poppy seeds and 30 gm of Coriander properly in a bowl.

  3. Properly crush this mixture and mix it with 250 ml of milk.

  4. Let the milk boil for around 10 mins or until it gets a thicker texture.

  5. Add Ajwain Honey to the boiling milk and stir properly.

  6. After it is properly cooked, let it cool at room temperature.

  7. Once it is cooled, you can happily enjoy the healthy milk.

Note: Drink this healthy milk twice a week for permanent relief from back pain. Avoid Rice, Udadh Dal, Flour and excessively oily food.


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