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Jamun Honey is a  dark coloured honey that contains the nectar of jamun flowers which gives it the unique sweet bitter taste. Considered to be good for diabetics, this jar of jamun honey will surprise your taste buds and will make you healthy at the same time. Regular consumption of Jamun honey can help in controling  diabetics and will help in curing your wounds effectively. Jamun honey can also help in reducing weight if you have it with warm water on an empty stomach as first thing in the morning. It can also make your skin glow by putting a dab of little honey on your skin and let is absorb. 

Jamun Honey

  • Source

    Jamun Flower

  • How is it produced?

    Natural Jamun Honey is collected by installing Bee Colonies inside the field of blooming Jamun flowers. The raw Jamun honey that is produced by honey bees is then collected from the bee hives without appliying any heat as appliying heat can make honey runnier and kills off the natural enzymes   

  • Key Features

    • Raw Honey 
    • Extracted without killing natural and good enzymes 
    • NO artifical flavour/ color or any other substance
    • Useful in diabetese
    • It has a low glycemic index which keeps blood sugar level under check.
    • rich source of antioxidants 
  • Benefits

    • Excellant For diabetic people.
    • low glycemic index.
    • Treats high blood pressure
    • Good for Skin conditions.
    •  Prevents periodontal infections.
    • Inhibit ulcers and prevent cancer.
    • rich source of antioxidants.
    • Anti-inflammatory effects.
    • Cures cardiovascular diseases and improve eyesight.
    • Used as a calming and sedative agent.
  • Suggested Use

    • Sweeten the tea with jamun honey
    • Take a spoon after each meal
    • Mix one spoon in a glass of water and drink whenever you need energy
    • If doctors allow you to eat 2spoon of sugar, then you can eat up to 6 spoon jamun honey. Routine consumption of Jamun Honey can help prevent body complications like weakness and pains.
    • Mix honey with powders of cinnamon, fenugreek and Ashwagandha, It is very helpful for diabetic patients. It reduces pain and weaknesses significantly. (Dibo-Prash)
  • Interesting Fact

    Jamun seeds contain jambosine and jambolana. These substances slow down the process of converting starch into sugar. Thus, the possibility of sudden shooting up of blood sugar levels is lesser when the starch in the food get metabolized.



    Type 2 diabetics have low levels of insulin to affect blood glucose. This can be due to the fast degradation of the insulin that is produced. Jamun seeds ensure that enough insulin is present by either increasing its secretion or preventing its quicker degradation.

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