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Multiflora Honey, also referred as “Honey of Thousand Flowers” is 100% natural and pure. It is rich in nutrients and minerals that can increase your immunity and boost your energy.  

Multiflora Honey

  • Source

    Native plants and wildflowers in the Himalayan forests and green pastures. 

  • How is it produced?

    Multiflora honey or Honey of Thousand flowers is a blend of the nectar collected by honey bees from a variety of flowers which is then converted by Honey bees into a stunningly rich and floral flavoured honey. It is then collected by our beekeepers without heating through the whole processes to ensure retaining its unique nutritional properties in our honey and presenting it to you as pure as nature gives us

  • Key Features

    • Raw Honey 
    • Cold extracted
    • Benefits of Multiple flowers and plants 
    • No Artificial Colour/ Flavour/ any other substance 
    • Excellent source of Anti- oxident 
    • Combination of nectar from various flowers
    • Helps lower risk of heart disease & boost immune system
    • Great alternative for sugar
  • Benefits

    • Helps lower your risk of heart disease
    • Enhance your immune system
    • Helps treat respiratory diseases
    • Helps in preventing acid reflux
    • Helps in fighting infections
    • Honey helps beautifying Skin and Hair
    • Honey helps in aiding treatment of coughs, digestion, insomnia and respiratory diseases
    • Honey has health boosting benefits that may lower the risk of developing diseases
  • Suggested Use

    The Multi-flower Honey brings a fresh and sweet taste to your dessert recipes and is perfect for your breakfast, in your fruit juice, tea, waffles or pancakes. It has high sweetening power and can therefore replace sugar.

    As it is less caloric, honey is more beneficial to our body. Start your day with our Multi-flower Honey to boost energy. 

  • Interesting Fact

    Multiflora honey may vary in its aroma, colour or texture as Honey Bees collect nector from different combination of flowers. 

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