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This Sweet and healthy honey is sourced from fresh lychee blossoms growing in the hills of India. Litchi Honey is an ideal food for growing children and adults, with great curative properties. 

Litchi Honey

  • Source

    Litchi Flower

  • How is it produced

    Litchi Honey is produced by Honey Bees, that are kept in colonies inside the field of blooming Litchi flowers. Each Bee in these colonies collects nector from litchi flowers and produce raw litchi honey which is then collected from the bee hives without appliying any heat as appliying heat makes honey runnier and kills off the good enzymes. 

    We would like to provide you the best product which is completely organic and safe to consume, thus we ensure there is no use of pesticides in the surrounding areas where the Litchi flower grown so please be assured that this honey has come from the highest quality of organic nectar of the Litchi flower.


  • Key Features

    • Raw Honey 
    • Cold Extracted
    • Benefits of Litchi 
    • No Artificial flavours/ Colours or any other substance 
    • Natural Sweetener
    • Anti Cancer and Anti - oxident potential 
    • Rich in Vitamin and minerals
    • Effective in aiding bone health, especially in women and children.
  • Benefits

    • Regular consumption of Raw and Natural Honey builds immunity against seasonal influenza & Viruses. This super-food prepares your body to fight against the influenza like Coronavirus (Covid-19), Common Flu etc.
    • Lychee honey is rich in Vitamins and Minerals. Vitamin - C boost the immune system, helps in wound healing and repairing.

    • Lychee honey is effective in aiding bone health, especially in women and children.

    • Honey can be used for skin care. Use honey as a face mask to get rid of unwanted blackheads and open skin pores so that your skin breathes properly and makes your skin radiant

    • It can be used as a remedy for prolonged respiratory diseases, sore throat and can act as a cough suppressant

    • Honey is also considered for treating digestive diseases. Taking 1-2 teaspoon daily on an empty stomach is said to soothe the pain and help in the healing process

  • Suggested Use

    Put a thin layer on a slice of bread in the morning to start the day gently. This creamy honey is also a good ingredient for marinade. Add a teaspoon of honey to your fruit salad for its aroma and sweet taste. Enjoy it with tea, especially before bed time. Like Cactus Honey, Lychee Honey is also rich in virtues and an excellent ingredient for natural beauty recipes.

  • Interesting Fact

    • Each step of the process is done by hand from harvesting to jarring
    • It has an aroma that is similar to that of rose flower.

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